On the Road Near the Lodge

A thousand feet above the Pokhara Valley in western Nepal, Tiger Mountain Pokhara Lodge is perched on a spectacular hilltop ridge overlooking not only the magnificent valley and Machhapuchhare but three of the highest Himalayan peaks. Just a half-hour drive from Pokhara, this unique hotel’s 19 hand-cut stone bungalows blend into the natural garden surroundings. Each one has a large veranda and is furnished with Tibetan hand-knotted wool carpets in traditional design and watercolors of the region.

Tinger Mountain Pokhara on a Clear Night
The Entrance to Tiger Mountain Pokhara

The dining room serves fresh salads and herbs picked from the lodge’s organic gardens and fruits and vegetables from the village. After a trek, unwind with meditation, yoga, or Ayurvedic massage treatments. Expert guides can lead you on an exploration of the Pokhara area.


Pokhara, in conjunction with the International Trust for Nature Conservation, works on the Shilinge Project, a community forest management program that aims to combine non-timber forest production with more longterm community forest management practices.

One of the Bungalows

The lodge buys its fruit, vegetables and meat locally, and when these needs cannot be met they buy produce from the Pokhara valley. When the lodge first opened in 1998, due to lack of interest and experience in the local community, staff was found among relatives from their sister Chitwan property, Tiger Tops, and as positions now become available, they are filled by locals. Quite untraditionally, females in the community are strongly encouraged to apply for positions.

From Pool to Peak

The lodge works closely with the community, and has been instrumental in the progress of  nearby Amar Jyoti Secondary School and the Shiva Shakti Primary School. Efforts at Amar Jyoti have seen the school get better desks, electricity, drinking water, toilets, and much more than government-funded schools typically don’t have.  Pokhara has helped raise over $39,000 for this community-led project towards the cost of more classrooms and furnishing a computer room.