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Island Outpost, Jamaica

Island Outpost, Jamaica


The Caves

Created by Chris Blackwell, the founder of Island Records (whose long list of clients has included Bon Jovi and Mariah Carey), Island Outpost consists of several small hotels and exclusive properties dotted around Jamaica. These include GoldenEye, (named after Ian Fleming’s James Bond novel), the The Caves, Strawberry Hill, and the Clandestino Villa, each one distinctive and even award-winning in its own right. The properties range from a boutique hotel in the Blue Mountains to larger properties, but never too large, on the beach. Other than the many and diverse projects Island Outpost is involved in, it also manages the former home of Noel Coward as a museum and rents out the villa once lived in by by Ian Fleming. (Watch the video of Blackwell at the end of this post.)

Strawberry Hill


Island ACTS, as its name suggests – Assisting Communities Towards Strength – is an umbrella organization Blackwell (see video below) started to support education, health care, and community development projects among the poorest and neediest people on the island.

The Island Outpost Sport Initiative

One of the projects focuses on  sustainable development in Oracabessa, a town near GoldenEye. It concerns itself with anything from dispute settlement to promoting music and dance, from advancing sport to agriculture.

Highly successful too is BREDS, started in Treasure Beach by Jake’s GM Jason Henzel (whose family is famous in Jamaica), has added computer rooms and canteens to schools, keeps the beach clean, and has started numerous sports programs, to only mention a few of their among other things.

A 'Caves' Room

At Pantrepant, Island Outpost has an organic market garden that supplies its properties, all of which use almost only local fruit, vegetables, meat, and fish in their kitchens.

Pantrepant Organic Farm



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