As Johannesburg celebrates one of its big birthdays (that’s one of the questions), the city is showing off its stuff more and more. It was recently called one of the “coolest” cities in the world (that’s another question, by whom?) and travellers are spending more than just one night there. In honour of all that – and because we have a soft spot for Jozi – we pulled together a few random questions about the city (with answers at the end). Try your luck…

  1. Joburg has a birthday this year. How many years old is the city? a) 110, b) 90, c) 130.

  2. The metropolis was voted the coolest city in the Southern Hemisphere in 2015 by which magazine; a) American GQ, b) South African GQ, c) British GQ.

  3. The Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) rates as one of the top a) 20, b) 40, c) 100 exchanges in the world in terms of market capitalization.

  4. Johannesburg has become one of the graffiti capitals of the world? a) Yes, b) No, c) It is a capital of street art, not graffiti. joburg graffiti

  5. Which of the following are in Joburg. a) Parktown, b) Parkhurst. c) Parkwood or d) Parkview.

  6. Which of the five buildings below are in Johannesburg? a) B and C, b) B, C. D, c) B, or d) all of them.


  7. Joburg metropolis is similar in size to a) London. b) New York, c) Los Angeles, d) none of them.

  8. The number of airlines flying into Johannesburg is a) 40, b) 55, c) 96.

  9. This view of downtown Joburg is taken from which general direction:  a) east, b) west, or c)

  10. Joburg has a) the largest manmade forest in the world, b) more than 2,000 public parks, c) more public swimming pools than Sydney, Australia.

  11. The population of greater Johannesburg is a) 5.2 million, b) 3.8 million, c) 4.6 million.

  12. According to the Restaurant Association of South Africa, there are about a) 1,750, b) 5,400 or c) 8,000 restaurants in Johannesburg.

  13. The Gautrain is the first high-speed train in a) South Africa, b) sub-Saharan Africa, c) Africa.

  14. Which area has recently started erecting metal trees on the sidewalks? a) Newtown, b) Braamfontein, c) Maboneng, d) Melrose

  15. What other city, like Johannesburg, is NOT built on a major waterway: a) Shanghai, b) Warsaw, c) Tokyo.

  16. Joburg has how many golf courses, a) 14, b) 23, c) 7.

  17. What percentage of the world’s human ancestor fossils have been found in areas close to Joburg: a) 25 percent, b) 40 percent, c) 62 percent.

  18. Travel & Leisure magazine in 2015 voted this Joburg precinct one of the coolest new attractions of the year: a) Newtown, b) Braamfontein, c) Maboneng, d) none of them.

  19. Joburg’s famous Ponte City apartment building is how many storeys high? a) 47, b) 54, c) 61.


  1. (c). 2. (c). 3. (b). 4. (a). Answer (c) was to confuse you. 5. All of them. 6. (d). 7. (c). Joburg covers some 2,300 square kilometres. 8. (b). 9. (b). 10. (b) Although many argue that (a) is true, it appears that a forest in China might hold this “title”. Joburg does probably have the biggest urban forest, with 10 million trees. 11. (c). 12. (c).  13. (c). 14. (b). 15. None of them. 16. (b). 17. (b). 18. (c).  19. (b).