In 2006 the anti-poaching team funded by the Maasailand Preservation Trust, which was started by Richard Bonham of Ol Donyo Lodge, introduced a couple of new members – two bloodhounds. Using dogs against rhino poachers  has added a new prong to the fight against this illegal and treacherous activity. Together with their handlers,  the dogs Bosco and Drastic make up the Delta Mobile unit, part of the Mbirikani Community Game Scouts, who started as six men in 1996 and are now five groups of several dozen scouts who cover 1.5 million acres. Their work ranges from combating poaching activities to resolving human/wildlife conflicts, and from keeping river systems flowing to providing general security, including anti-stock theft, protection of indigenous forests – and much, much more. In 13 years, the scouts have collected more than 10,000 wire snares and arrested over 1,500 poachers. Arrests currently average over 50 a month. Anyone visiting Ol Donyo Lodge can arrange a visit to see Drastic and Bosco. Good idea!


  1. The bloodhounds are real characters, and FULL of character. Joining the hounds and their handlers on a tracking exercise is a wonderful experience, especially for families with kids.

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