Embroidery from Siwa

Walk into one of several fashion stores in Italy and you might see the designs and embroidery of the women of Siwa in Egypt. Closely associated with Adrère Amellal and its two partner hotels, which range in price from $45 to $330 a night, the Siwa initiative started off by helping 50 Siwan women to upgrade their embroidery skills and thus  ensure workmanship of the highest standard. The project allows women to work from home or in an all-women setting, in keeping with Siwan tradition. Within a year, the number of women participating in the project had reached 300. Siwa Creations has worked with several haute couture companies in Italy, including Ermanno Scervino and Nia Ferrante. Read more about the many projects of Siwa and Adrère Amellal, a luxury hotel that proves you don’t need electricity to be bright.