Touted as “Food Safari Cape Town – Where Food Lovers Dreams come true” on vimeo, this video is a fabulous culinary journey through the lifestyle, design, music and landscapes of Cape Town and the delicious dishes it has on offer…

The video was filmed by Swiss Filmmaker Stefan Rüeg for Kuoni’s project Elsewhere, and includes 2 minutes and 22 seconds of his and partner Nina’s “stunning Cape Town trip”.

The soundtrack is also awesome – “Trip Fox” by South Africa’s folk singer Jeremy Loops, from Kommetjie, and the Yebo Boys.

Watch Video: Project 2’22” – Cape Town Food Safari

Stefan Rüegg explores Cape Town and South Africa’s finest foods on a food safari. (View larger version above.)

In an interview on the Kuoni site Stefan describes Cape Town and South Africa as “beautiful” because of its “staggering” culinary offerings “in conjunction with the excellent wines; the spectacular, diverse landscape; wildlife and climate; and the warm and open people”.

Asked to describe his favourite moment in Cape Town in three words, he says “Essen, Essen, Essen.” (Food, Food, Food.)

“[South Africa’s] good food with the superb wine make this country an unforgettable experience.”

Stefan last visited South Africa a decade ago and wanted to explore the region again to see what had changed. He says that this time he was “surprised” and “happy” that the “crime is hardly noticeable in Cape Town” and that the area seemed “safer than ever”. Whilst in SA he bought sports gear, slops, biltong and an ostrich egg and – like many foreigners – was taught to say “gaan kak in die mielies”!

Stefan says he finds Cape Town a geographically interesting place to shoot films, similar to Los Angeles, and that the “good food with the superb wine make this country an unforgettable experience.”

Updated 21 Nov ’20