Ever gone on vacation to a farflung destination and wished you’d filled up that extra space in your suitcase with something the locals could have used? Those old clothes. Or that laptop you never use anymore. Or a soccer ball that could have replaced that tired, half-flat one the kids in the village were playing with. Or that old Scrabble set. Or pencils, crayons, Band-Ads. The list goes on.

Founder Rebecca Rothney explains what Pack for a Purpose is all about:

Retired North Carolina schoolteacher Rebecca Rothney and her husband, Scott (in the picture at top), saw this gap when they were visiting Africa and started a website called Pack for a Purpose. Various properties around the world – from Nkwichi Lodge in Mozambique to Yachana Lodge in Ecuador – have started using Pack’s website as a platform to give you an idea about what the locals in their specific areas need. Any property around the world can list themseles on Pack’s site, which is still small but growing.

The list of properties that are listed on Pack’s website has grown phenomenally since they started, especially in South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia and Botswana. And if the property you are going to is listed, it can help you pack more purposefully. Good idea!