After visiting 9 other countries in a four-week trip through East and Southern Africa, Bruce Marais was blown away by Mozambique.

“The Portuguese who settled here in the 1500s brought along with them coconut trees, mangoes, avocados and other tropical fruits. The landscapes were totally different to anything up north. We stayed in Vilanculos, Tofo and Maputo and it was surprising to see how many South Africans live here now. This is Vilanculos and Bazaruto.”

I thought Bazaruto would be totally built up and developed, turns out it’s like a desert island.
Kids playing with toys that they made themselves, like it’s 1962
We went snorkeling, but my iPhone camera couldn’t come along. But we did see these guys swimming around!
I liked the design of the can! Cold beer, blue water and white sand. Life doesn’t get much better than this for me.
Like swimming pool water, only a little warmer
We arrived in Baraka after sunset without any booking. So I ran down the beach to look for the place with the most life and found Baraka Beach Hotel. They had a great bar with excellent caipirinhas, amazing seafood for great prices and lots of cool, young travelers. I could’ve stayed here for weeks!
The view from the room! Not bad for $60 a night!
The way to get around cheap and easy. These little Indian tuk-tuks are gaining popularity in the region.
Boys playing football on the beach. Victor on the left is visiting from Brazil — with Victor Araujo.
So afternoon time the town centre turns into a giant fish market