We’ve all had those moments on the plane – getting on, getting off, waiting in line, listening to the baby cry for nine hours, having someone upset our drink by pushing his seat back at the wrong moment. Our correspondent Bruce Marais, sitting in the middle seat on a long-haul flight with the person behind him regularly kicking his seat, drew up a list of rules that might make things a bit easier for everyone.

airplane seat flying travel
Photo: Facebook, Swiss Otel Talinn.

1. When boarding, don’t block the aisle as you pack the overhead locker. Let people pass.

2. Stick to the hand luggage restrictions! Don’t be selfish and fill the overhead lockers so others have no space.

3. In a row of three seats, the aisle seat has easy access to bathrooms, the window seat has the views. So at least let the guy in the middle enjoy the arm rests!

4. Use the bathroom before boarding. Only do number twos in case of emergency.

5. Keep your socks on (and sometimes your shoes, if you get our meaning) and keep your feet to yourself.

6. Don’t bump the seat in front of you.

7. Keep your seat upright until after the food is served.

8. On long-haul flights, keep your window slides closed. Some people want to sleep.

9. If you can’t control your children, then rather drive.

10. Keep your phone on silent.

11. Don’t talk out loud, obviously

12. When disembarking, wait your turn.

Now let’s see how many of these happen to you next time you fly. Good luck.

Bruce Marais is a chef, photographer, designer, artist and (fabulous!) regular SAPeople contributor. See more here: www.BruceMarais.com