On a Facebook post this week, a regular visitor to Kruger National Park and keen photographer, Hermien Grobler, complained so much that South African National Parks reposted everything she had to say. Because her complaints were so good.

crocodile photography hermien grobler kruger park south africa
Photos by Hermien Grobler.

“We have just returned home from a weekend spent in Kruger and I can only complain,” Grobler wrote. “We arrived on Friday morning entering at Malelane gate. All went smoothly. Now since entering the park until reaching Lower Sabie the time just flew by! The day was too short!

“I still wanted to sit at sunset where a crocodile entertained us by catching a big fish, and BOOM! closing time it was! So we finished our evening routine and went to bed. We just closed our eyes and then it was morning.

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“We spent the day driving around hoping we made a mistake about SANPark’s time zone, but NO! The time still flew past and before we knew it it was closing time AGAIN!

“This time at Crocodile Bridge. Lovely camp! Second time this year staying there. Back to bed and same problem… Eyes closed and BOOM! It is morning and time for us to do the dreaded thing and drive to the furthest gate that we can to exit the park. My oh my! From Croc bridge to Orpen was gone in a flash!kruger park south africa travel hermien kruger birds

“This must stop, really! SANParks are robbing us. Please, I am sure I am not the only member in this (Facebook) group with this HUGE complaint.

“SANParks, can you please do something about your time zone? It seems that once you enter any given gate, the time just flies. Can you please make the time go slower?

“I was not even speeding!

“I hope you will give serious attention to my complaint..

“I will return soon to see if any improvements were made.

“My happy place!”

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