A 10-year-old flying from New Zealand to South Africa was asked to remove his T-shirt that had a snake depicted on it, creating publicity around the world. The Airports Company South Africa has just published a list of items that are forbidden inside plane cabins.

Stevie Lucas, 10, was reportedly on his way to see his grandparents when he was flying through O.R. Tambo International Airport on 17 December. A large snake was printed onto his black T-shirt. His parents were told by airport security that toy snakes or snakes printed on clothing were not allowed on board because they could distress other passengers, according to the Daily Mail.

The young Lucas apparently then turned his T-shirt inside out so the snake couldn’t be seen.

Airport Companies South Africa, which manages the country’s airports, today released on Twitter a list of those items forbidden from airplane cabins. The list included – besides guns, toy guns, ammunition, sharp objects – toy snakes, toy insects and replica insects, toy spiders, replica spiders or “Objects deemed by security assessment to have the potential to cause harm or disturbance in the aircraft.”

An article about the Lucas incident in Newsweek magazine said this was not the first time someone’s clothing had got them banned from a flight.

This year American Airlines apparently didn’t want a passenger wearing a T-shirt that read, “Hail Satan,” while another passenger was “asked to leave an American Airlines flight because of her outfit, a strapless romper. (She) had to cover herself with a blanket before being allowed on the flight.”