A South African family visiting relatives for a reunion on the American side of the Niagara Falls over Christmas returned to their AirBnB to find all their presents, luggage and some medication stolen.

sandra mpofu news4 niagara falls

According to a post on Facebook by Sandra Mpofu, it was “Our nightmare before Christmas but a blessing to be safe.”

But she added, “At the end of the day, we’re Mpofu’s and Mpofu’s find the bright side in any tough situation we’re placed in so although this may have dampened our mood we won’t let this take the joy away from celebrating Christmas together as a family.”

The story made it on to the local news channel, News 4 WIVB Buffalo, who Mpofu thanked for publicising their plight, Sheraton Hotel for accommodating them afterwards, and the New York Police Department. AirBnB offered alternative accommodation but the family apparently chose the hotel instead.

“Our family vacation to the States took a quick turn when we returned to our Airbnb from dinner and found all of our belongings, Christmas presents and my diabetic father’s insulin GONE. By the grace of God we were not at the house during the robbery and our passports were well hidden,” Mpofu said.

“I hope this brings light to anyone using AirBnB to secure your belongings and stay cautious whilst travelling.”