For Bongi Lolwana the top 10 places he would like to travel to in the world also happen to include many of the places where South Africans can travel without a visa or with relaxed visa regulations.

Most of the countries will allow you access for between 30 days and 3 months visa-free (see the video below, and then the details listed after that). Some will grant a visa upon arrival and some will require you to apply at border control (where there may be charges).

Watch Bongi describe what’s on his travel wish list: Top 10 Places South Africans Can Travel Fairly Easily

South Africa – Visa-free for life

Kenya – Visa-free, less than 30 days (arrival)

Tanzania – Visa-free 90 days (arrival)

Morocco – Relaxed (obtain a visa prior)

Egypt – Relaxed (obtain 30-day visa prior)

Hong Kong – Visa-free 30 days (prior)

Ireland – Visa-free for 3 months. (On arrival)

South East Asia – Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia are visa-free (30 days – extension for another 30 days is an option but charges do apply)

Singapore – Visa-free (30 days). Unclear on their website but definitely visa-free that you get upon arrival or prior.

Dubai – Relaxed regulations (obtain prior)

Countries change visa requirements all the time, so please check before you book, just to be safe. Some will require vaccination certificates so visit your travel clinic. For any other requirements, please check countries’ homelands/immigration websites for updates.

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