Two pilots on an Airbus A380 have been praised on social media for their skill in managing to safely land the world’s largest passenger plane at Heathrow Airport in London during extremely strong winds.

The video of their landing has gone viral… showing the frightening conditions in which the Etihad Airways pilots managed to land the huge plane. The jet, which was flying in from Abu Dhabi, had to approach the runway at an angle – facing the plane into the wind – to stabilise it and cope with the strong crosswind (leading to the ‘Crab landing’ headlines, referencing how crabs move sideways).

The two-tiered A380 weighs around 1.2 million pounds, according to Sky News, and Storm Dennis winds on Saturday were measured at around 80km/hour near Heathrow (and up to 147km/hour in Wales!).

The UK, as well as parts of Europe, have been battered by 2 storms in 2 weeks… first Ciara and now Storm Dennis. Hundreds of flights had been cancelled on Saturday because of the extreme weather conditions.

WATCH VIDEO Etihad Airways A380 crosswind landing at Heathrow Airport, London during Storm Dennis