The ocean liner Queen Mary 2 docked in Durban this afternoon after it had previously been denied entry, in order to let 6 South African crew members off the ship.

“Queen Mary 2 will be refuelling and returning to her home base of Southampton,” said Shaun McCarthy of Whitestar Cruise & Travel. “She has passengers onboard that were on a world cruise but could not fly back from Perth for medical reasons.”

It was reported earlier that the cruise liner was already on its way to South Africa when the government’s restrictions on any kind of craft landing at a port of entry. The crew members were tested for COVID-19 at sea while the ship waited for permission to dock.

“We have been advised by the South African health authorities that all test results were negative. All guests on Queen Mary 2, who entered self-isolation yesterday, are able to resume life as normal on board, and will continue to practice social distancing around the ship,” said McCarthy.

South Africa’s Transport Minister Fikile Mbalula said at a press briefing today that the six South Africans, who are seafarers, have been checked and tested and will disembark, but will still go into quarantine. The rest of the people on the ship will proceed to where they’re going, said Mbalula. He announced today that certain airports and ports would be opened for medical and other emergencies, according to new regulations during the Lockdown.