Residents of Langebaan in South Africa were treated to a rare scene during lockdown this weekend – thousands of birds feeding from a sardine run extremely close to shore.

The incredible video was filmed by a local resident from Paradise Beach, Langebaan, who can be heard saying that dolphins have also been seen coming a lot closer in the cove since Lockdown.

Vernon Head, former chairman of BirdLife South Africa and author of “A Tree for the Birds”, said in a comment on Facebook about the video that most of the birds are Cape Cormorants but there are also Kelp Gull, Hartlaub’s Gull and a few unidentifiable tern species.

Mags Med from MLP Media told SAPeople: “Langebaan is a popular windsurfing destination – a sighting like this is unusual due to human activity/sport! Normally sardines/anchovies would not be so close to the shoreline.”


In Langebaan Western Cape Now, nature is loving the lockdown for humans Video credit – Resident from Paradise Beach, Langebaan

Posted by Michelle Scheepers on Saturday, April 4, 2020


Marcelle du Plessis, Fundraising Manager of Mdzananda Animal Clinic, said on social media: “Nature returns to Langebaan – cormorants and seagulls feasting on anchovies, free to do so with no one on the beach!”

She added: “My great fear is that after this all passes nothing will be learned and it will all go back to normal where humans just wipe out everything.”

Michelle Scheepers, who posted the video on Facebook on Saturday, said: “In Langebaan Western Cape Now, nature is loving the lockdown for humans.”

With no human interference the fish have been able to swim freely and the birds have been able to feast.