That famous old SA Tourism slogan “The World in One Country” had it that you could find bits of the entire globe in South Africa. Hoping to encourage everyone to really explore South Africa when travelling is okay again, we found at least 10 tourist sites around the world (and there are plenty more) that have an equivalent – or something even better – in South Africa. (See if you can guess which photograph is from which country, and where in South Africa you are.)


cherry blossoms tokyo jacarandas johannesburg travel split picture
Tokyo’s Cherry Blossoms/Johannesburg’s Jacarandas.


stelvio pass swartberg pass south africa italy travel split pictureStelio Pass, Italy/Swartberg Pass, Western Cape.


hotel belles rives oyster box south africa travel split pictureHotel Belles Rives, French Riviera/The Oyster Box, Umhlanga.


detroit johannesburg art deco architecture south africa travel split pictureArt Deco architecture, Detroit/Johannesburg.


indonesia sodwana bay south africa scub travel split pictureIndonesia/Sodwana Bay, KZN.


sultanamet niyamize mosque istanbul johannesbrg travel split pictureSultanahmet Mosque, Istanbul/Niyamize Mosque, Midrand.


colorado orange river south africa travel rafting split pictureColorado River, United States/Orange River Gorge.


mykonos paternoster travel south africa greece split pictureMykonos, Greece/Paternoster, Western Cape.


carrick a rede ireland stormsriver south africa bridge split pictureCarrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge, Ireland/Stormsriver Bridge, Eastern Cape.


hole in the wall hole in the rock new zealand south africa split picture travelHole in the Rock, New Zealand/Hole in the Wall, Wild Coast.