Shamwari Private Game Reserve is under lockdown, but its animals aren’t and are going about their usual business. So is head ranger Andrew Kearney, who still gets up early to do game drives and walks, and he is sharing what he sees – and what he knows about the animals – on the Internet for the world to see.

On his own initiative and armed with just a rifle and a cellphone, Andrew has so far posted seven videos of his daily excursions around the well-known reserve, which is located near Port Elizabeth. Of the virtual safaris online, it is one of the best. (In video 7, a rhino is darted to remove wire caught around its leg.)

Watch episode 7:

Although Andrew is limited by the technology at his disposal and the fact that the large animals are sometimes just metres away – making loud explanations distinctly unhealthy – he still manages to cram a wealth of information and insight into each 4-to-6-minute episode.

In the series so far – which is already getting a following around the world – you can join Andrew to learn the basics of tracking, get a masterclass on giraffes, track a pride of lions to a kill, get scarily close to elephants, make a careful downwind approach on two white rhino and outrun a leopard tortoise.

If you’re missing your Easter trip to the bush, want something interesting to pass a few lockdown minutes or are looking for a fun, educational distraction for the children, visit Shamwari Private Game Reserve’s YouTube channel.

Here’s episode 4, the most popular so far: