At Kruger National Park, it’s clear the animals are enjoying the freedom of having no people around. One of the more popular places to gather has been the Skukuza golf course, overseen by superintendent Jean Rossouw. Lions, hyenas and even elusive African wild dogs look very casual and happy indeed as they wander between the greens – one sign of the global return of wildlife to places previously occupied by humans.

lion golf course lockdown kruger
Photo:  ? Jean Rossouw ©️ Kruger National Park

“The past few weeks have been hard work, doing maintenance work on the infrastructure of the golf course,” said Roussouw in a tweet, “and keeping it green and healthy while all my colleagues are under lock down with their families.

“While many around the world have documented the return of wildlife to normally human occupied spaces during this lockdown, my experience while conducting my day to day duties on the golf course has been similar. Once people have vacated the space, the lush lawns and waterways provided by the course, has served as a perfect playgroup for a wealth of animals.

“While working & doing my day to day duties, I have been fortunate to come across some truly breathtaking animal sightings. I have witnessed lions, herds of zebras (usually too shy to come to the course to drink), rare antelopes, & even the odd wild dog pack visiting the course.’

wild painted dogs skukuza kruger golf lockdown
Rare African wild dogs on the Skukuza golf course in the Kruger during Lockdown

Till the park is open again, Rossouw ends off, “please continue to enjoy your love for Kruger through our eyes with these pictures and short videos.”