Across the world people are posting before and after photographs of their cities, now that the Coronavirus has shut down industries and traffic and pollution levels are at their lowest levels perhaps in decades. From Manila to Karachi, from California to Peru, some of the most polluted cities in the world are now seeing themselves all cleaned up. In Nairobi, residents are seeing Mt. Kenya,  140 kilometres away.

Ahvaz, Iran



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Shot of #MtKenya taken from #Nairobi. Mt #Kenya is about 140KM away. The photo is a testament to what we might be missing out on with nature. I sometimes spot Mt Kenya in the mornings. More often than not it's not very sharp and not worth a photo. This morning it was vivid and quite hard to avoid. I took the shot and it sat in my DSLR for about a couple of weeks. The reduced pollution from curfews and social distancing probably made the view so much clearer. It really begs us the question, what Nairobi do we want to emerge from the crisis? Imagine if seeing the imperious Mt Kenya was much more commonplace in Nairobi. It is sad that it is rare, but I do hope we fight for a cleaner city going forward. Some quick facts and myth-busting: 1) The shot was *not* taken from Westlands. This is from Kilimani near Dennis Pritt rd. 2) It's a zoom lens. One Africa place is a few km away from my place. 3) Mt Kenya is visible from a few vantage points in the city from what I've gathered. 4) Most importantly, this isn't photoshopped. It has some light touches on contrast and vignetting. But this is real. This is #Nairobi. Taken by a #Nikon #D5600 with a 70-300m zoom lens. Read more here: . . . . . #landscapephotography #naturephotography #mountains #african #cityscape #rarebeauty #skyscraper #dslrphotography #nikonphotography #unexpected #travelkenya #travelphotography

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Long Beach, california

The Himalayas


Delhi, india

delhi india beforeandafter

Lima, peru


And for some people it’s a time to have a bit of fun about the new clean air: