Baby hippos learning to swim, ostriches strolling on the seafront, the incredible sound of a lion roaring at night. All very special moments, as the animals around the country’s national parks seem to be making the most of their time without humans. And thanks to the staff of South African National Parks, the nation is being kept up to date on the goings-on at the dozen or more parks, from Kruger National Park to Table Mountain National Park.

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1. A ranger at Kruger Park picked up this amazing roar of a lion at night:

2. Also from Kruger came these pictures of a mother hippo and her baby in the Sabie River.

3. From Table Mountain National Park, this ostrich taking a stroll on the seafront.

An early morning patrol along the streets of Cape Point!! All in order boys 👮‍♂️ moving on 🐾#SANParks #LiveYourWild #tablemountainnationalpark #tablemountain #Nature #SALockdown #Lockdown South African National Parks

Posted by SANParks – Table Mountain National Park on Saturday, April 18, 2020

4. From Addo National Park, where we are more used to seeing elephants, proof of one very serious-looking leopard ….

… and a king of the jungle.

5. In Mountain Zebra National Park, meanwhile. Gorgeous!

6. And let’s not forget the dung beetle.