A video by WildEarth showing a lioness carrying her small cub in her mouth, seen in Kruger National Park, was so rare it had the safari guide watching it shaking.

Eric, who is one of the guides leading the streaming safaris as part of WildEarthTV, went back to a riverbed on Wednesday where he hoped to see lion, when all of a sudden the lioness appeared with the cub in her mouth. He couldn’t stifle his delight and surprise, calling the sight “incredible” and “insane.” He said it gave him goosebumps. The lioness was apparently part of the Birmingham Pride that is at present in the Ngala and Timbavati areas of Kruger Park.  (See the full video of the safari, showing many other great sightings, at the bottom.)

In a recent article by Africa Geographic, it said, “The Birmingham Pride currently roams the Ngala Private Game Reserve and Timbavati regions under the watchful eye of the Ross Male. This impressive and successful pride of 14 currently has two of the three wild white (leucistic) lions in the world – a young male of 18 months and a little female not quite a year old. Their arrival caused a buzz of excitement but, like all wild lion cubs, their survival depends upon the care and skill of the pride, the continued dominance of the Ross male and no small amount of luck.” Support WidearthTV here.

Watch the full video of the incredible Wednesday safari here. The lioness is after 2.06.