At Thula Thula private game reserve rhino mom Mona and her baby Sissi were filmed with the little one having her first mud bath. Sissi, short for Busiswe, meaning “Blessing” in Zulu, was born just before lockdown.

“This is the first video where we can see clearly our little bundle of joy baby rhino that we named Sissi,” Thula Thula said in a statement with the video. “After the tragic death of little Lisa from viral infection in January this year, we were so devastated and never realised that her mother Mona was pregnant. Sissi was born just before the lockdown was announced in March. Highly protected by her mother, we had very few sightings so far. Mona is gaining more confidence and trust that she lives in a safe environment as we see her more and more in open grassland. Mona, Sissi, Thabo and Ntombi are monitored 24/7 by our anti-poaching team.”

Thula said that during the past two and a half months of lockdown, its anti-poaching team has been on red alert “too many times.” They use dog units, surveillance cameras and day and night patrolling.

“Our wildlife protection is a priority and it is an expense that we cannot avoid, despite these difficult times without any income. We thank you for your support allowing us to carry on during these challenging times.”

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