An amazing face-off between a leopard and a hyena has been caught on film in Namibia, with many viewers saying it captures the ‘respect’ in nature.

The video footage was uploaded by Ethienne Reynecke, ex-pro rugby player, but filmed by Annalien Davin on Saturday at Okonjima Lodge in Namibia.

She says: “There was a 5 min build up to this moment. And the guide believes the reason she did not attack him was because she has two cubs.”

According to Okonjima Nature Reserve, the 11-year-old leopard is known as Isaskia and attracts many visitors which is great for nature conservation – “it’s that love for ‘a leopard’ that then supports many of the other projects we are involved with here”.

The non-profit organisation has been screening a Covid Chronicles series during Lockdown – and says that today at 16h00, viewers can see the clip filmed by Adriaan Venter.

One of the most popular responses on Twitter was: “When I see sights like these I understand why my country and its natural beauty forms part of my soul…”

The build-up

The incredible encounter between a hyena and a leopard in Namibia: