While many safari lodges wait for lockdown on tourism to be lifted so they can take in guests again, life remains busy. For several lodges in Bela-Bela a few weeks ago, staff were faced with the enormous task of saving a giraffe that was trapped in a swimming pool.

According to a post on Facebook, the giraffe cow got trapped in the netting of a small pool at Zebula lodge and nature reserve, near Bela-Bela, on 29 June. The staff contacted Dr. Marius du Toit, the vet at Bela-Bela, who was helped by Jan-Louis Jacobs, training manager at Sondela Nature Reserve. Jacobs suspected that the female fell into the pool during the night and luckily landed on the net, but then got trapped in it. After du Toit gave her a sedative, the staff pulled her out of the pool – with a lot of effort – and when she was out, left her alone to stand up. Very hesitantly, she made her way into the bush.

It was an incredible feat. Watch the video:

giraffe rescued from swimming pool giraffe rescued from swimming pool

giraffe rescued from swimming pool
The giraffe before the men pulled her out of the pool. Photos: Facebook.

giraffe rescued from swimming pool

Not every day you get to rescue a girraffe from a pool. Thank you Marius Du Toit. Thanks for the help Ryno Smith Jaco Myburgh.

Posted by Jan Louis Jacobs on Monday, June 29, 2020