While many of us are deep in cabin fever mode and counting the days to travel freely again, Twitter user Ling Dior mused on all the fabulous places around the world she has visited and which can be found in South Africa, like the Sydney Opera House in Cape Town and the Golden Gate Bridge in Cape Town. Confused? Read on and see what she means.

I miss travelling the world so much I remember our trip to the Sydney Opera House so fondly

Paris will always have my heart – the city of electric

the Taj Mahal was another fave when we wanted to emulate that famous lady Di photo

The first trip we took to the United States was to San Francisco. I will never forget seeing the golden gate bridge.

Cairo was a vibe

I was so in awe of the Statue of Liberty in New York after leaving JFK airport and going straight to her

When we were in London, we tried to see Meeeegan and Aaaaaaarchie in Buckingham palace’s windows

We had an awesome summer in Santorini one year too

I can go back to the South of France any time

I miss days on the beach in Thailand too

I recall lazy Autumn days walking the streets of Paris, and eating macarons from Laduree

I remember when we were in Los Angeles and decided to go celeb spotting at Nobu restaurant

Using public transport in New York was so cool I had to snap this pic of Grand central station

Shopping at Dubai Mall to get duty-free items was so exciting

Drinks in the early evening at Chateau Marmont in the Hollywood Hills was so memorable

remember to support my fave airline; Emirates once travel opens up again

For shorter trips between countries in Europe I use Eurail

The Monaco Grand Prix was so exhilarating, it was our first time in the principality

One of the many highlights of our trip to Spain was watching an el Classico match. Real won that night here at Santiago Bernabéu.

I had to see the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C. when we decided to visit the East Coast of the United States.