The 1600 Indian Runner Ducks at Vergenoegd Wine Estate in Stellenbosch have been out of the limelight for a year or two, after a spate of news sites covered them, but a recent tweet set to music has got them a whole new million viewers worldwide. Plus they’ve now got their own wine.

Tweeter Paul Bronks, who has a following of almost 147,000, set a segment of the ducks walking to work to “The Imperial March” from “Star Wars.” In a week, it’s been viewed almost a million times, and people have been identifying some of the squad as Queen and Tourist. As local journalist Gus Silber said, the meme puts the famous marching ducks in the global spotlight.

“People are not the only valued workers at our beautiful farm,” says Vergenoegd. “Here, we also employ 1600 ducks to keep our vineyards free from pests in a natural, sustainable way that allows us to drastically reduce the use of harmful pesticides.”

In July the wine estate actually launched a wine to celebrate their feathered workers, the Runner Duck Rosé. See more videos of the Vergenoegd ducks below.