As a staff member stood nearby, a leopard casually walked through the lounge area of Singita’s Ebony Lodge in the Sabi Sands, South Africa, and straight past him, before heading further into the lodge. Great stuff! For details on this unique incident, see below the video…

Singita strongly discourages close encounters with wildlife under any circumstances, but told SAPeople this was a “rare moment in Africa”.

The close shave with the leopard took place on Sunday 30 August 2020, when one of the lodge’s guests, Reg Calmeyer, filmed this breathtaking moment at Singita Ebony Lodge.

Singita told SAPeople: “The leopard was seen stalking a bushbuck in the riverbed in front of the lodge, before being detected by a troop of vervet monkeys. He proceeded to walk across the deck area, and swiftly away from the lodge to remain undetected. There was no danger posed by this leopard at any point, and we were privileged to witness this incredible animal walk silently back into the bush.”

Singita’s Head Ranger was present to assess the situation and he calmly ascertained that there was no imminent danger to guests and staff and that the leopard was simply moving through. Phew. Awesome Africa!