With some international travel due to begin on 1 October 2020, South African expat and YouTube travel vlogger Bongi Lolwana has produced a fabulous video to lure foreigners (and South Africans abroad) to SA on holiday! The footage is spectacular, proudly showing off Cape Town and the winelands’ exquisite natural beauty.

Bongi, who has a YouTube channel called The Vuka Experience, told SAPeople: “This is basically a travel guide to 5 things people can do in the City. Tourism is cautiously opening and I thought this might help motivate people to travel…”

He says: “Until next time, Wake up and Travel.”

WATCH 5 Things To Do In Cape Town, South Africa

Bongi has also provided the cost estimates for visitors, with prices in pounds and rands for some of the popular outings in Cape Town:

Table Mountain = £10 per adult and £4 for a child.
Table Mountain = around R180 per adult and R90 child

Boulders beach= £7 for tourists
Boulders beach= R40 for locals

Cape Point= £17 for tourists
Cape Point = R80 for locals and R40 for children

Shark Cage diving= Generally between £92/ £100 pp
Shark cage diving= generally between R1980/ R2500 pp

These prices are subject to change anytime.

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