On 3 October, the 1,000 rangers who work for the national parks managed by the nonprofit African Parks will be running 21 km, as part of the Wildlife Ranger Challenge to help raise needed funds for 1,000 of their less fortunate colleagues working across Africa.

rangers mozambique africa african parks
Rangers training in Mozambique. Photo: Andrew MacDonald.

“Despite country lockdowns and a halt in tourism,” said African Parks, which manages 18 parks in 11 countries and covering over 14.1 million hectares, “our rangers have not missed one patrol on one day in one park! It is thanks to the ongoing support of our major donors that we have had the resilience to ensure that all parks under management have remained fully operational with all staff fully employed.”

“However, we recognize that other groups including governments and NGOs have not been as fortunate. That is why our rangers want to run on October 3, to support their colleagues in need across the continent and raise funding to help outfit 1,000 non-African Parks rangers with basic but critical gear. And all it takes is $250 per ranger.”

African Parks said it costs about $250 to supply one ranger with a set of boots, socks, shirt, pants, hat, belt, water filter, first aid kit and a light pack; every dollar donated will go towards putting together these ranger packages.

To contribute, go to this page. The campaign is a collaborative initiative in partnership with Tusk NATURAL STATE supported by the Scheinberg Relief Fund.